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ezyparcels Standard Shipping Service

When Cost Is a Priority for Your Shipments

Through our strong delivery network establishment and postal alliances, you can be assured of our low competitive rate offered.

Enjoy These Benefits:

  • Reputable and reliable shipping network.
  • Most competitive market rate.
  • Optional OAC insurance coverage.
  • Per item weight charge.
  • Returns management.
  • Door shipment collection service.

Our Suite of Services:

Service Type Insurance Track & Trace

ezyparcels Standard
(Transit time: Normal)
Max Weight: =<2kg

  • Optional Insurance Coverage (Up to S$300 per item)

Not Available

More Information About This Service:

What is the maximum weight I can send?

Up to 2 kg.

What is the maximum size I can send?

Length, width, depth combined at 900mm with surface measuring not less than 90 x 140mm with tolerance of +/- 2mm
Greatest dimension not exceeding 600mm with tolerance of +/- 2mm and no lesser than 100mm Roll form : Length + twice the diameter at 1,040mm and no lesser than 170mm.

What is the compensation amount for ezyparcels Standard?

There is no compensation offered on ezyparcels Standard shipment; however you may choose to opt for OAC Insurance for coverage up to S$300.

Can I insure shipment in other currencies?

Yes. List of insured currencies eg. TWD, HKD, THB etc. is available from the drop-down menu of Online Mailing or Bulk Upload Manifest templates. You may need to refer to "Currency Converter" for the exchange rate.

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